UDSO Safe Play – Poker Dealers

Since its creation 9 years ago, DeepStack Open has developed and followed specific security procedures with its partners in order to protect players. This webserie “UDSO Safe Play” explain some of those procedures. In this video, we focus on recruitment, training and standards of the poker dealers who work on the events, in order to guarantee player’s security on every […]

DSO Vietnam

For the first time since its creation 9 years ago, DeepStack Open goes on the other side of the globe and lands to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City for the first event together with Asia Poker League ! Results will count into the Leaderboard UDSO 2018 !

UDSO Cannes – News/Photos

Quentin Lecomte remporte le UDSO Cannes et devient le joueur à record de l’UDSO : plus grand nombre de places payées, de table finale et surtout de victoire ! Coverages Retrouvez les coverages de Florence Mazet sur clubpoker.net et de Tommy Mandel sur Unibet Poker Blog. Photo Day 3 Payout 1 LECOMTE QUENTIN 30 440 € 2 LEGANDRE FREDERIC 20 […]

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