Molly Bloom, whose Hollywood high stakes poker game was the subject of the Oscar-nominated and critically acclaimed film Molly’s Game will be the star guest at this summer’s Unibet Open, taking place in Bucharest from August 2 – 5. In addition to a press conference and book signing session, Molly will also be opening the cash games and the #QueenRules Ladies Tournament on Friday, August 3.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have secured Molly for our event. Molly’s Game has been highly rated by poker players for bringing the poker scene to life on screen and I’m especially pleased that Molly will be opening our #QueenRules Ladies event. This is a new variant of the game using a special deck in which the Queen outranks the King. It’s all part of our campaign to build conversations around gender bias and gender equality. We couldn’t have a more fitting participant than Molly Bloom who challenged stereotypes during her time as the Poker Princess.” Says Nataly Sopacuaperu, Unibet Open’s Head of Events.