Freeroll UDSO

Unibet, Texapoker, DeepStack Open and the casinos partners welcome you to a new experience 100% free !

Come and take part into one or the 10 stages of the “UDSO Freeroll” set in 2018 : registration is completely free, and open to anyone who is above 18 years old, who can enter a casino with a validated Unibet online account.

Hurry up ! Register now before the tournament is full !


What’s to win ?

All the tournaments partners are offering incredible prizes : UDSO Main Event tickets (€550 value), UDSO Cup tickets (€300 value), vouchers, tickets, … Each Live Freeroll will offer prizes to the top 5 to 10% players depending on the venue !


Where can I play ?

Find out all dates of the freeroll live tournaments on this page.

How can I register ?

Register in the section “Register to Event” on the right part of your screen, or down the page if you are browsing with your mobile phone. You’ll receive a confirmation by mail.