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DeepStack Open Stages 2017



UDSO Bratislava

DSO POKER bratislavafr


UDSO Cannes

UDSO POKER cannesfr


UDSO Saint Amand les Eaux



UDSO Marrakech

UDSO POKER marrakech-fr


UDSO Lloret de Mar

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UDSO Malta

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UDSO Gujan Mestras

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UDSO Vienna

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UDSO La Grande Motte



Final UDSO Divonne Les Bains 2018

UDSO POKER 2018 divonne-fr

January 20, 2017
DSO CUP tournament is back in Malta with a new formula that includes a guaranteed prize pool ! A smaller buy-in for the same thrill…

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January 16, 2017
Swiss Poker Player Thierry Magnot won the Grand Final UDSO Season 7 , played in Divonne Les Bains from January 12th to 15th. 487 entries…

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December 4, 2016
The first edition of the UDSO Cash Malta gathered the best local players in a VIP atmosphere at Casino Malta. Famous local poker player Thomas…

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