DeepStack Open Stages 2017



UDSO Bratislava

DSO POKER bratislavafr


UDSO Cannes

UDSO POKER cannesfr


UDSO Saint Amand les Eaux



UDSO Marrakech

UDSO POKER marrakech-fr


UDSO Lloret de Mar

UDSO POKER lloret-fr


UDSO Malta

UDSO POKER malte-fr


UDSO Gujan Mestras

UDSO POKER gujan-fr


UDSO Vienna

UDSO POKER vienna-fr


UDSO La Grande Motte



Final UDSO Divonne Les Bains 2018

UDSO POKER 2018 divonne-fr

November 9, 2017
The 9th Unibet DeepStack Open La Grande Motte kept its promise with big surprises in the Season 8 Leaderboard ! With a 20th place in…

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November 3, 2017
L’UDSO La Grande Motte Day 1A finished with 114 entries and 41 players left. Big Day 1B & 1C ahead !! Chip Count fin Day…

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October 23, 2017
David Lappin is the hoster of the weekly podcast : “The Chip Race” that you can get on itunes ; and a professional poker player…

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