DeepStack Open Stages 2017



UDSO Bratislava

DSO POKER bratislavafr


UDSO Cannes

UDSO POKER cannesfr


UDSO Saint Amand les Eaux



UDSO Marrakech

UDSO POKER marrakech-fr


UDSO Lloret de Mar

UDSO POKER lloret-fr


UDSO Malta

UDSO POKER malte-fr


UDSO Gujan Mestras

UDSO POKER gujan-fr


UDSO Vienna

UDSO POKER vienna-fr


UDSO La Grande Motte



Final UDSO Divonne Les Bains 2018

UDSO POKER 2018 divonne-fr

March 1, 2018
During the last Nine Years of live tournament throughout the World, UDSO team has acquired experience and developped different process for security, player’s confort, ……

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February 20, 2018
For Valentine’s day, Unibet DeepStack Open met some of the most emblematic French couples. Through those different profiles, and as many uniques experiences, there is…

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January 21, 2018
The Season 8 Unibet DeepStack Open came to an end with the Divonne Les Bains stage ! The Global Poker Index formula is perfect to…

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