Crypto payment : Exclusivity UDSO !

For the comfort of its players, UDSO is the first international poker circuit to offer its players a payment method by Crypto Currency.

For the Mauritius stage, players who wish to buy in will be able to settle their buy-in with Ethereum or Bitcoin!


Why Crypto payments?

Year 2017 has been more than ever a turning point in virtual currencies! Going from a course of 700 € per unit to nearly 16,000 € in only 11 months : We are witnessing one of the biggest economic boom in the history! Beyond the “bubble” effect, or not, of the Bitcoin since last summer and its incredible rise; We are fully convinced that the blockchain, the democratization of our global economy and all the evolutions brought by these technologies represent a new asset for players.

How much does a Crypto buy-in cost?

Volatility affects most crypto-currencies. Since the buy-in of a UDSO Main Event is set at € 550, the cost in Ethereum or Bitcoin will be calculated according to the “Coinbase” exchange rates when you want to buy-in.


550 € used to worth 2,447 ETH on September 18th, by paying the tournament on December 11th : it costs me 1,352 ETH